1. This website is provided for S.A Group multinational member priority booking service.
2. On the booking website, select "Model", "Quantity", "Obtain Market" and fill in the customer information.
3. Please fill in the "Receipt Date" in the order remarks column.
*If you need to take the lead, please fill in the name of the leader in the reserved remarks field. Please show your passport at that time.
4. The “take-off date” filled in by the customer must be from the next day of the appointment date.
* For example: "Appointment Date" is 20/9, "Getting Date" is 21/9 or later.
5. After the order is confirmed, the company will send an "Admission Confirmation Notice" email, so please be sure to confirm the correctness of your registered email.
6. After the registration is completed, if you want to modify the model or pick up the store, you need to cancel the appointment and re-register.
7. At that time, depending on the model and model supply and requirements, you will be contacted by email. We apologize for any inconvenience.
8. When picking up the goods, the purchaser is required to present an "Advance Confirmation Notice" email and provide proof of identity of the registered customer.
9. Priority reservations are subject to a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase; the service options available are subject to the country or region where the service is required and may be limited to the country or region where the sale was originally made. If necessary, please contact us.

-需使用香港版本的Apple Watch,香港以外地區版本的Apple Watch或不能使用ECG功能
-需先於香港更新watchOS 5.2及配對 iOS 12.2 或更新的版本的iPhone
-如於香港以外地區維修或重設Apple Watch,可能致ECG功能不能使用



Terms & Condition

1. Stock allocation is subject to availability.
2. For in-store collection of iPhone, we will activate the item for you at the point of collection. The purchase item cannot be exchanged , refunded or returned.
3. You may cancel your reserve registration at any time before payment without in incurring any cost or liability.
4. No other promotions, offers or discounts are applicable with this pre-order registration.
5. Priority in the queue are determined by the following mechanisms:  
your reserve will be subject to the time of your submission of a valid registration.*
* Once a reserve registration is submitted, no changes will be allowed. Any subsequent changes in your pre-order will be regarded as a new pre-order registration and your previous status in the queue shall be reset accordingly.
6. Upon submission of your reserve registration, When your new item is available, you will be notified via email for collection in store or status of delivery. It is your responsibility to ensure your contact details are submitted accurately. 
7. You must collect the item from the designated store in person within the timeframe as specified in our notification. Failure of which shall be deemed as forfeiture of your reserve.
8. We reserve the right to change the method of collection at any time with notice.
9. We reserve the right and the absolute discretion to terminate or change procedure of this reserve registration, the pricing and/or these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event of any dispute, our decision shall be final and binding.In case of any disputes, Studio A technology Ltd. & DG-Lifestyle Store reserves the rights on final decision. 
10. In the event of any inconsistencies between the Chinese and the English version, the Chinese shall prevail.