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1. 閣下必須是STUDIO A/DG-Lifestyle Store會員才能參加是次活動登記。

2. 是次活動每人只可登記一次,每一個電話、電郵,最多用作登記一次,重複之登記將被取消。

3. 未符合會員預約資格或超出預約限制者,系統將自動刪除,敬請見諒。

4. 登記者屬自願性質參加是次活動。所有因是次活動所構成或引起之責任(如有)與本公司無關,本公司將免除一切法律責任及賠償。

5. 如各型號供貨與需求不同,將有時間上之取貨差異。


Apple Watch


條款及細則 Terms & Condition

1. 貨品分配視乎供應情況而定。數量有限,售完即止。

Stock allocation is subject to availability.


2. 已提交之預訂不能轉讓予他人或其他單位。

Transfers of reserve status or entitlement to third party (whether person or entity) are strictly prohibited.


3. 於門市取貨之客戶,我們會於店內即時啟動手機;購買後,均不設任何手機退換服務。

For in-store collection of iPhone, we will activate the item for you at the point of collection. The purchase item cannot be exchanged, refunded or returned.


4. 您可以在付款前任何時候撤銷預訂,並不牽涉任何構成費用或責任。

You may cancel your reserve registration at any time before     payment without in incurring any cost or liability.


5. 所有其他推廣、優惠或折扣均不適用。 

No other promotions, offers or discounts are applicable with this pre-order registration.


6. 輪侯冊的先後次序之安排如下:

Priority in the queue are determined by the following mechanisms:


*Your reserve will be subject to the time of your submission of a valid registration.

*當提交預訂後,不可更改任何資料。任何資料更改將會被視為重新提交新登記,並將根據您成功提交新預訂的時間而按  先後次序處理您的登記。

*Once a reserve registration is submitted, no changes will be allowed. Any subsequent changes in your pre-order will be regarded as a new pre-order registration and your previous status in the queue shall be reset accordingly.



Upon submission of your reserve registration, When your new item is available, you will be notified via phone for collection in store or status of delivery. It is your responsibility to ensure your contact details are submitted accurately. 


8. 當您收到我們的到貨通知,您需於我們所指定的時間內及所指定的取貨地點親自提取,逾期不取馬上作取消論,我們有權將該產品轉售他人,恕不另行事先通知。

You must collect the item from the designated store in person within the timeframe as specified in our notification. Failure of which shall be deemed as forfeiture of your reserve.


9. 我們有權更改您選擇的領取方法。

We reserve the right to change the method of collection at any time with notice.


10. 我們有權隨時終止或更改此預訂、價格、條款及細則,而不作另行事先通知。如有任何爭議,STUDIO A Technology Co. Ltd. DG-Lifestyle Store 擁有最終決定權和本規定的最終解釋權。

We reserve the right and the absolute discretion to terminate or change procedure of this reserve registration, the pricing and/or these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event of any dispute, our decision shall be final and binding.In case of any disputes, Studio A technology company Ltd. & DG-Lifestyle Store reserves the rights on final decision. 


11. 如中、英文兩個版本有任何抵觸或不相符之處,應以中文版本為準。

In the event of any inconsistencies between the Chinese and the English version, the Chinese shall prevail.